We survived the jump!

First of all, welcome and thank you for your patience during our rebuild.

we survived the jumpIt’s been tough and time consuming to say the least. We knew it would be a challenge, and we’ve never been so right!

All in all, it went well. Once we did the research and created a blueprint, we proceeded to build the new site.

The next step was the scary part. We have never migrated a site before, and we have heard a few horror stories about the process!

Once the new site was ready, we made the move to our new host in about 24 hours so there was as little downtime as possible. We were very lucky not to hit any serious problems!

There is still a lot work to be done (there always is) but the big move is over.

And best of all…

we survived the jump!

Since its inception in 2009, The Florida Keys Guide has continued to grow its readership. That’s good news. But we also suffered some growing pains. Unfortunately, we haven’t been available full time to grow with it.

Two months ago, we decided to take the time re-evaluate the website and its resources. One thing was for sure, we needed change. So we made the decision to rebuild from the ground up!

The research and the outcome:
In a nutshell, here’s what we found, what we did, what we are doing, and where we are heading.

We found some problems:

Our site was antiquated in design and usability
We weren’t mobile responsive (today, over 50% of searches are done with a mobile device)
We had reader questions and comments that were falling through the cracks
Our newsletter had been sucked into some cosmic black hole
And new content had slowed to a sea turtle’s pace.

We immediately started creating some solutions:

Julia and I decided to come back on board full time
We began by creating a new Manifesto.
We designed a new site, from the ground up
We are now mobile responsive (totally)
We created the new design on a more powerful platform

We are continuing to rebuild and search for better options:

We are using more robust tools for a better user experience
We are upgrading our communications, both technically and at the human level
We are re-launching our newsletter, “Rum Runner News”!

What we plan for the future:

To provide more of what our readers are looking for
To keep up with new technology
To offer excellent and timely information
To increase the number of Rum Runners worldwide!

Again, thank you for your patience! We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the Florida Keys Guide. The bottom line, we will be providing a better online experience for you.

Thank you for visiting “We Survived the Jump”. We look forward to bringing you travel information for the Keys!

 You will see changes in the site daily as we continue to move forward.

“Part of the process of beginning anew, or changing directions is to know where you want to go. I know this sounds simplistic and easy, but this is one of the most difficult of choices to make with clarity.”  ~ Byron Pulsifer

More Rum Please!

Have a great day!
Julia and Jim

From We Survived the Jump to the Florida Keys Guide

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