Sun Safety Tips, Florida Keys!

Ju’s Top 5 Sun Safety Tips!

Travel and sun safety tips for you to use While visiting the Florida Keys!


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It is so easy to get wrapped up in the beauty and the open air of the islands that sometimes you forget about what is most important.

Your Safety!

Don’t let a sunburn ruin your vacation!

On this page you will find a few tips to help keep you safe and enjoy your trip while still enjoying the sun!

“Sunburn is very becoming, but only when it is even – one must be careful not to look like a mixed grill” – Noel Coward

“Get Polarized…”

I can’t stress enough the importance of good sunglasses. Your eyes need some serious protection. Get a good quality polarized lens with as high a UV rating as possible.


Top 5 Sun Safety Tips!

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water. Not alcohol, soda or tea, just good old fashioned water. It helps to replenish your system and keep you hydrated.

I have suffered minor heat exaustion and let me tell you, it isn’t fun. You get light headed, nauseus and feel like, %#ll. So drink plenty of water, your body needs it.


Cover Up

Protect yourself from the sun. Even if you are only out for a short period of time always wear sun screen, a hat and take a long sleeve shirt and pants.

Don’t forget the feet. They sometimes burn faster than anywhere else, (except the nose). You say, “but we came to the Keys to get a sun tan”. Remember, all things in moderation.

You can still get a tan if you play it smart. A slow tan is better than a fast burn. A burn can keep you from enjoying the rest of your vacation and be miserable on the journey home.


Know the Environment

Know your environment. Whether it’s swimming in the ocean or exploring the villages on the islands. If you are going to the beach and there are no shade trees, make sure you have a hat or an umbrella.

When enjoying the water, be aware that the tides are constantly changing and the changes create currents, so know the waters. When exploring the towns, make sure to venture in areas that are well lit at night and always travel with a friend.

When it comes to staying safe, the “Keys” are no different than anywhere else. Just use your common sense, and you will have a wonderful time.


Safe Travel

There is only one road from Key Largo to Key West. If there is an accident, you could be stuck for hours. Always carry water, just in case!

When driving, biking or walking in the “Keys” always be patient and courteous. Traffic can be crazy!

Locals are on island time while visitors want to see it all. Give yourself plenty of time to get from point A to point B, and enjoy the ride.


Be Flexible

Last but not least, have fun! It is so easy to want to do everything all at once, but if you did, what would you do on your next trip? Plan your itinerary so you aren’t exposed to the sun during the heat of the day. Go to the beach early!

There is so much to experience in the Florida Keys, you just can’t see it all in a weekend. Be flexible, and take is as it comes.

That’s what they call, “Being on Keys Time”.


Use Ju’s Sun Safety Tips, Be Safe and have Fun!

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