Sombrero Beach, Just Lovely!

Sombrero Beach makes any day better!

“Sombrero Beach is a great place to enjoy some sun and sand! Locals and visitors alike love SB.”

 Located at MM 50 Oceanside, it’s a little far south for the majority of day-trippers out of the Miami area.

Sombrero Beach image

Sombrero Beach

Sombrero is about halfway down the “Keys” at MM 52.

It’s about an hour from Key Largo and pretty much right in the middle of the keys!

A perfect place to stop and relax for a few minutes before heading south to Key West!

 Once you arrive in Marathon, finding the beach is easy. Just turn east at the stop light on Sombrero Beach Blvd and keep on going!

The beach has plenty of sand to get comfortable in.

It also sports nice sandy bottom so playing in the water is sheer pleasure.

The beach offers a picnic area, shaded shelters, swimming, snorkeling, volleyball and best of all, relaxation.

Sombrero Beach volleyball court image


Playground equipment is available for the kids, or the old folks if so desired!

We enjoy Sombrero and stop by whenever possible!

The beach is pet friendly so you can bring ole Rover. Just make sure you clean up after him!

As always, put on your best beach face, practice some serious beach etiquette, and when in Rome…

“I thought of you and how you love this beauty, And walking up the long beach all alone I heard the waves breaking in measured thunder As you and I once heard their monotone. Around me were the echoing dunes, beyond me The cold and sparkling silver of the sea –We two will pass through death and ages lengthen Before you hear that sound again with me.” ~ Sara Teasdale

Visit Sombrero Beach and enjoy it’s many offerings!

 Thank you for visiting Sombrero Beach!

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