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Here you will find some great “solo travel” tips on staying safe, how to pack light, making friends on the road, and enjoying life’s great adventure!

“I was never going to go if I waited for someone to go with me.” ~ Laura

The key to traveling solo is to keep in tune with your surroundings, and follow your instincts. In fact this is the key to day to day living no matter where you are and what you are doing.

Begin by building a support team before you go. It’s as simple as letting someone know where you plan to go, and when they should expect to hear from you. As you travel, check in with someone at regular time intervals.

Your support team will grow as you travel and make new friends along the way! 

Combining instinct with common sense…

solivigant meme for solo travel tipsSimply be aware of your immediate surroundings and trust your instincts. Your instincts are a “real” thing. Trust your instincts and apply your common sense. By doing so, you will avoid a slew of negative travel issues. Of all the solo travel tips, using common sense is at the top of the list.

But most importantly, have fun and enjoy the world of the solo traveler!

Keep your eyes open for more solo travel tips, including specific travel tips on the Florida Keys!


 10 Top Florida Solo Travel Tips

Share Your Itinerary

Let someone at home know your itinerary. Where you are going and how long you will be there. With modern communications it is easier than ever to call, text or e-mail family members and let them know you are safe. Have a certain time to check in and stick with it.


Do Some Research

Do your research on the area you are visiting. Learn the places that are safe and the places that you need to stay away from. Inquire when you get to your hotel with the concierge of the potential “danger” zones. Always have your daily adventures planned and don’t carry around a map, unless it is a” historical” destination map. And you can always ask for directions.


Find Out if You Know Someone

Ask your family and friends if they know anyone in the area. Remember the famous words of Jimmy Buffet, “everybody has a cousin in Miami”. The world is so connected now thru Facebook, Twitter and other resources that it is truly a network of people knowing and people meeting people! Your place of worship is another great way to connect with others, plus they are always good resources for advice. Staying connected is one of our most important solo travel tips, and it is so easy to do with today’s technology!


Use Available Resources

Never keep ALL your money and important documents with you. Use the hotel safe and always leave a copy of your documents with someone back home that you trust. In case of an emergency they can get them to you in a hurry. Keep your spending money for the day in a bag or purse that you can get to without everyone seeing. Cameras and extra gear should be on a sturdy strap and close to you. Backpacks with double straps are always a great addition.


Plan to Arrive Early

Arrive at your destination during the day. Familiarize yourself with the area. At the hotel ask for an easy excess to your room, not down a hall or around the corner and in a well lite area. A rubber door stop can give you added security and easily fits into a suitcase.


Meet Some Locals or Fellow Travelers

Of all the solo travel tips, this one can help build lifelong memories and friendships. Meet new people. They can share their experiences and you can possibly do things together if your interests are similar. Checking out the night life is great, but be smart. Use a buddy system and and do not travel alone after dark.


Avoid Confrontation

Be confident and avoid confrontation. If someone is annoying you, just ignore them and go into a shop or café. If necessary, explain to the clerk that you are being harassed and have them contact the police or proper authority.


Dress Like the Locals

Dress conservatively. Dress like the locals do. Be sure to check the rules of other countries. In the USA, it’s usually casual dress. Never wear expensive jewelry and bling! Don’t bring added attention to yourself. Blend in and stay safe.


Worse Case Scenario!

Don’t Become a Passive Victim

Have Protection! Pepper spray, mace and even your car keys. Learn a few techniques on how to protect yourself. Punch, kick, bite and run screaming into the nearest establishment. Avoiding problems in the first place is always better than having to protect yourself.



If traveling alone makes you nervous, it may not be for you. If it is, we hope you can use some of he solo travel tips mentioned above. If you go with the attitude that you will meet new and interesting people, then that is just what you’ll do. Be aware, cautious, and confident. When you look back on your adventure, you will see that you were never really alone. Stay tuned for more solo travel tips.

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