Florida Keys Sailing

Enjoy A Florida Keys Sailing Vacation!

An excellent and exciting way to explore the Florida Keys.

Florida Keys Sailing

Sailing the Keys

Whether you charter a boat and crew, or bare-boat your own cruise, the gin clear water of the Atlantic is your playground and expressway from island to island.

The Florida Keys run approximately 120 from just north of Key Largo down to Key West. These islands dot some of the most beautiful turquoise water in the world.

The “Keys” are also home to the only living coral reef in the continental United States.

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Sailing offers you the best of all worlds. Solitude, relaxation, and the opportunity to make your own choices.

 You can scuba dive day or night, drop anchor and kayak the mangrove channels, or fish to your hearts content.

Sound like to much work? If so, you can just relax in the the tropical breeze with your favorite libation and book.

Most sailing charter companies will offer a tailor made package designed just for you. Fine dining, water-sports, photography, island hopping and shopping. In fact, you can dingy in and enjoy the island nightlife. Your choice!


Florida Keys Sailing Instruction and Bare-boating

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Many local charter companies offer sailing instruction and certification.

You will also find local charter companies who offer bare-boat rentals for those already certified and efficient in skills.

“The ocean has always been a salve to my soul…the best thing for a cut or abrasion was to go swimming in salt water. Later down the road of life, I made the discovery that salt water was also good for the mental abrasions one inevitably acquires on land.” – Jimmy Buffett

 The Florida Keys sub-tropical climate allows sailing year round. But like anywhere else, some time frames are more favorable than others.

Spring and late fall are great months to sail while July through early November are the “Hurricane” months where rain, wind, and tropical storm conditions can come and go.

Sailing is more than just a vacation. Done right, the experience stays with you. Unlike a memory, it becomes a piece of you, and always beckons you back!

Between the turquoise waters of the Atlantic, the ever present sea life, and the amazing coral reef system, the Florida Keys are a primary destination of sailing enthusiasts worldwide.

Sailing Lessons in Florida:

  • Key Largo
  • Islamorada
  • Big Pine Key
  • Key West

Florida Keys Bareboat Charters:

  • Key Largo
  • Islamorada
  • Big Pine Key
  • Key West


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