Florida Keys Kayaking

Florida Keys kayaking is an amazing adventure!

It brings you as close to the marine environment as you can get. It’s a wonderful way to explore the Florida Keys backcountry and be one with the wildlife that call it home.

 Kayak Materials

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Sea Kayaks

Today’s kayaks are built with super light, super strong materials.

Thermo-form, carbon, Kevlar, fiberglass and polyethylene are the most popular. These materials vary in strength, weight and cost.

Two of the more popular kayaks used in the “Keys” are touring kayaks and sit on top kayaks or, SOTs.

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Paddle Rack


Kayak Design

Touring kayaks are long, sleek and fast. They are designed for long distance travel. SOT kayaks are shorter, wider and noticeably slower. But they make up for the loss of speed with manuvering ability, plus excellent initial and secondary stability.

While touring kayaks are used primarily for long distance touring and camping excursions, SOTs are a bit more versatile.

Many people use SOTs to scuba dive, snorkel, fish, photography, exploration and just plain sport. You can combine many outdoor hobbies with your kayak excursions!

An added benefit of kayaking is the fitness factor. Any kayak design is good for exercise of the body and the mind. So, just go paddling!

For me, kayaking is simply the best vehicle available to explore the mangroves and backcountry!


Florida Keys Kayak Fishing

If you enjoy fishing the backcountry, and you enjoy the peace and quiet it offers, grab a kayak and treat yourself to a wonderful experience. A kayak can get you as close to the fish as possible. The rest is up to you.


Kayak Photography

Your kayak is going to take you to seascapes and landscapes unseen by those who won’t venture off the road. You will find yourself confronted with unspoiled vistas, begging to be recorded.


Kayaking and Snorkeling

Kayaking and snorkeling/diving go hand in hand. Take a nice little cruise out to a great snorkeling spot, drop anchor and commune with the underwater world! Here’s a nice article on kayaking and Snorkeling Cheeca Rocks!


Kayak Eco-Tours

Enjoy the marine environment and backcountry with a kayak eco tour. Whether it is self guided or chartered, exploring the flora and fauna of the Florida Keys and Everglades National Park will provide memories of a lifetime.

“If I have learned one thing in my 54 years, it is that it is very good for the character to engage in sports which put your life in danger from time to time. It breeds a saneness in dealing with day to day trivialities which probably cannot be got in any other way, and a habit of quick decisions.” – Nevil Shute


Florida Keys Kayaking

What to Bring

  • sunscreen with SPF 40+
  • Lip balm with sunscreen
  • Plenty of drinking water (more than plenty!)
  • A hat to cover your ears and face
  • Long sleeved shirt and pants for sun protection
  • Neoprene booties or water shoes
  • Polarized sunglasses with side shields and lanyard
  • Lunch plus energy bars and snacks
  • Waterproof camera and/or a waterproof camera case
  • Dry clothing for the ride home
  • A dry bag to keep everything as dry as possible
  • Fishing license
  • Life jacket
  • Chart (map)

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