Florida Keys Fishing

Florida Keys fishing is considered by many to be the best!

Whether you are fishing the backcountry or fishing offshore, you always have an opportunity for hooking BIG fish. More world record fish have been caught in the Florida Keys than anywhere else in the world!

Fly fishing for Florida Keys Fishing

Fly fishing


Offshore Fishing the Florida Keys

Outside the shallow waters of the Florida Keys, you will find some of the best deep sea fishing in the world. From the Gulf of Mexico to the west to the Atlantic Ocean to the east, this is bluewater fishing headquarters! With water depths reaching over1500 feet, Florida Keys offshore is the home of the big boys! Testing your skills out here will pit you against a variety of big fish. You can fish for everything from dolphin (dorado) to marlin and sailfish. Offshore fishing is Florida Keys fishing at it’s best!

There are some excellent charter captains available to help insure your success!

Offshore Fishing the Florida Keys

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Florida Keys Backcountry Fishing

Florida Keys backcountry fishing offer the the “skinny water” enthusiast endless fishing opportunities. The Atlantic side of the islands offers excellent “flats” fishing and the Florida Bay offers some of the most beautiful “backcountry” water you will find anywhere! Whether you favor light tackle fishing or prefer to fly fish, Florida Keys backcountry fishing will satisfy your hunger. You’ll have the opportunity to catch a variety of species on any given day. The major sportfishing species are permit, tarpon, bonefish, snook, and redfish. You might even get the chance at a shark or two.

Florida Keys Backcountry Fishing


Florida Keys Kayak Fishing

If you are looking for a simple and economical way to explore the backcoutry, get your hands on a kayak! Fishing from a kayak is an experience you won’t soon forget. Kayaks offer the perfect alternative for the adventurous spirit who prefers the nomadic approach. If you enjoy the peace and quite that nature itself offers, then kayak fishing is an excellent way to find it. Kayaks will get you up close and personal to the backcountry environment. They are quiet and unobtrusive. They will get you where the fish are. Rentals, instruction, guides and equipment are all available in the Florida Keys. Give it a try!

Kayak Fishing in the Florida Keys


Florida Keys Bridge Fishing

Now here’s a Florida Keys fishing alternative for you. Florida Keys fishing can be easy and uncluttered! If you are just looking for a good old fashion “kick back and wet a line” experience, try a little bridge fishing! Fishing off the bridges in the Florida Keys is a popular way to roll! The great thing about bridges is they provide easy access and they’re always available. Although they get a little crowded at times, you can always find room. Just be sure not to crowd your peers. An all time favorite for fisherman is the southwest end of the old 7 mile bridge. Just pull into the parking lot, grab your gear and find a comfortable spot. Be sure to bring a chair and an umbrella!

Florida Keys Bridge Fishing Coming Soon!


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