Florida Keys Camping

“Florida Keys Camping is a Wee Bit Different!

“Staying warm is not the issue!”

Julia and I purchased some extremely light weight sleeping bags to use here in South Florida. You don’t need much, in fact, a sleeping bag liner will work 90% of the time.

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If some Florida Keys camping is in your future, let us show you some of our favorite spots.

Camping has always been one of our favorite hobbies.

Camping on the beaches of South Florida is a far cry from the mountains of the northwest, but truly a must for the camper a heart!

There is something about waking up to the sound of the ocean that just starts your day out on a good note!

Florida Keys camping IS camping in the sub-tropics!

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Camping in the sub-tropics presents it’s own set of circumstances so just come prepared, and relax. You’re on island time.

You will find beautiful RV parks and campgrounds in the Florida Keys!

 Whether you are going to “rough it” in your favorite tent, or camp in luxury in a motor-home, you can find the experience you are looking for.

Many of the campgrounds are pet friendly but do your homework before loading up ole Lucky!

Although it seems like it always rains on vacation, the “Keys” experience much more sunshine than rain! Just be ready for rain or shine and you will enjoy your camping adventure much more.

“It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent.”
– Dave Barry –American writer, b.1947

 While camping on the islands, you can usually expect a beautiful sunrise to start the day followed by home style breakfast at any of many excellent cafes!

Camping Tip!

Florida Keys camping will definitely expose you to the elements. In one 24 hour period, you could encounter sweltering heat, a minor (or major) thunderstorm, no see-ums or mosquitoes, and intense sun. Make sure you are rain prepared, have plenty of water, bug spray, food, and spare clothing. Bring a wide brimmed hat and good sun glasses. Just think ahead, be prepared, and enjoy!

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Footprints in the sand…

Spend the day snorkeling, diving, fishing, exploring the ecosystems, island hopping, shopping, or just relaxing in a hammock on the beach.

You can expect excellent dining in the evening with another beautiful view followed by one of the most romantic sunsets you can imagine!

Keep an eye out for the “green flash” as the sun dips below the horizon.

Take a few minutes and share your favorite “Keys” camping story with fellow readers. Just click on the link below, and be sure to send some photos!

National parks, State parks, private campgrounds and RV parks vary in cost and amenities.

Some offer all the amenities of home while others offer nothing more than beautiful surroundings, wonderful sunsets, and the rest and relaxation you are looking for.

A Few of Our Personal Favorites…

Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas


John Pennekamp

Long Key

What to Bring for Your Next Florida Keys Camping Trip…

Here are some things we recommend you bring or pick-up locally before you pitch your tent or park your RV:

  • Bug Spray
  • Sun screen (high SPF)
  • Hat
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Long Pants
  • Sunglasses
  • Shoes for the beach (it’s not all white sand in the Keys)
  • Camera
  • Lots of extra water
  • Rain gear
  • An awning for shade and/or rain
  • Extra dry clothing in a dry bag
  • More bug spray

However you decide to approach it, camping in the “Keys” is an experience of a lifetime. Whether you just focus on the camping experience or add diving, fishing or the museums to your agenda, your experience will truly be worth writing home about!

Thank you for visiting Florida Keys Camping!

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