Florida Hiking Trails, Florida Keys

Here’s a List of South Florida Hiking Trails

From the Big Cypress National Preserve to Key West. With numerous State Parks and wildlife refuges, you will find excellent opportunities to hike and explore in South Florida and the Florida Keys.


Hiking in the Everglades for South Florida hiking trailsFlorida Everglades Hiking Trails

The Florida Everglades offer the outdoor enthusiast everything from easy walks to extended hiking. It’s a unique environment and proper preparation is advised. Be prepared and carry everything you will need including water. Bring lots of water!

Anhinga Trail
Gumbo Limbo Trail
Pinelands (coming soon)
Rowdy Bend Trail (coming soon)
Mahogany Hammock (coming soon)


Big Cypress Hiking Trails

The Big Cypress National Preserve is an amazing area that offers a multitude of hiking possibilities. You can hike along the designated trails, or you can choose to hike through the unmarked areas. If you choose the latter, be prepared. Always pack a compass, map and gps. There are a number of Florida hiking trails to be found in Big Cypress NP!

Gator Hook Trail (coming soon)
Tree Snail Hammock Nature Trail (coming soon)
Fire Prairie Trail (coming soon)


Upper Keys Hiking Trails

Hiking in the Upper Keys offers some beautiful strolls and hikes through hardwood hammocks and botanical preserves. From Dagny Johnson in north Key Largo to Windley Key in Islamorada, you can find places get out of the crowds.

The Dagny Johnson State Park
Windley Key
Lignumvitae Key Nature Trail (coming soon)


Middle Keys Hiking Trails

The middle “Keys” offer up some nice and intersting hikes. Historical Crane Point along with the beautiful Curry Hammock and Long Key State Parks make this area a great option for hiking some nature trails.

Golden Orb Trail (coming soon)
Crane Point Nature Trail (coming soon)
Curry Hammock Nature Trail (coming soon)
Layton Trail (coming soon)


Lower Keys Hiking Trails

There are some wonderful places to hike in the lower “Keys”. Big Pine Key and the National Key Deer Refuge offer some interesting options. Here you will find hardwood hammocks, marshlands, pine and palm stands, and a wide variety of wildlife. You can find some short and beautiful Florida hiking trails in the lower Keys.

The Blue Hole
The Jack C. Watson Trail
Silver Palm Nature Trail (coming soon)

“For those who venture reverently into the wild places, you will be justly rewarded by those who call it home.” ~ Jim Champion

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