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Here is a great opportunity for the Florida Keys Guide and it’s readers to learn from industry leaders who are willing to share their time, knowledge and inspiration!

From hiking to diving, and photography to kite boarding, these interviews offer great insight to us all!

Sit back, enjoy and absorb as much information as possible.

By adding these excellent tips and techniques to your personal toolbox, you can shorten your learning curve in your fields of interest!

“An expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and judgements simpler through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore.” – Edward de Bono

 The Interviews

Laura Coleman

Laura is an author, backpacker, outdoor enthusiast, webmaster, businesswoman and lover of all that’s natural.

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Captain Barry Hoffman

Captain Barry Hoffman is a backcountry guide in the Florida Keys. He is an avid fisherman, instructor, fly tier and naturalist.

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It’s only fitting that our first interview is with Laura Coleman. Laura’s informative website and her love of the outdoors is my inspiration to begin this interview series for The

 “Thank You” to all of the contributors who take their time to share with us and our readers!

Stay tuned for upcoming interviews!

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