Coco Plum Beach is a Keys Paradise

So, what makes Coco Plum Beach so popular with locals and visitors alike?


Coco Plum beach image for the Florida Keys Guide

Coco Plum Beach

Sand! That’s right, sand.

Sandy beaches are hard to come by in the “Keys”, so when you find one, it’s pretty much like striking gold! We’ve never been to Coco Plum beach when it was too crowded. There’s enough room for everybody!

Coco Plum offers the beach lover plenty of solitude and it’s long enough to enjoy a nice romantic stroll with your better half!

“If you’re lucky enough to be at the beach…then you’re lucky enough!” -Unknown

sunflower at Coco Plum Beach



People love Coco Plum for many reasons. It’s nice, quiet and clean. It’s a great spot to relax! Catch some sun, read a book, or take a swim. It’s all good!

Coco Plum is also dog friendly which makes it popular with animal lovers.

A Side Note…

This beach is a natural sea turtle nesting area. Atlantic Green turtles, Loggerheads, Leatherbacks, Kemp’s Ridley, and the Hawksbill turtle nest here.

Coco Plum Beach trivia…

The adult Leatherback Turtle can weigh up to 2000 lbs and grow to 8 feet in length!

Chickee Hut at Coco Plum Beach

Chickee Hut

As far as amenities go, there is a covered chickee (pavilion) available on a first come first serve basis. The restrooms are located in the parking area.

If you need anything else, you’ll need to bring it.

Coco Plum is located in Marathon, about MM 55 O/S. Take Coco Plum Blvd. northeast for about a mile. You will find the public access for parking.

Next time you find yourself in Marathon, be sure to check out Coco Plum beach.

It’s a great place to relax!


Thank you for visiting Coco Plum Beach!

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