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Sandspur Beach for Big Pine attractions

Sandspur Beach


The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is an abondoned rock quarry that was dug in the 1930s and 40s. The rock from the quarry was used to build local roads and Henry Flagler’s railroad. The Blue hole is a lake that has a fresh water surface that lays over the heavier salt water. It is home to some local wildlife including birds, turtles, a variety of fish and even a couple of American Alligators. It is a beautiful spot and the locals keep a close eye on it’s inhabitants. Stop by enjoy the Blue Hole.

Be sure to visit the Blue Hole.

Key Deer Boulevard
Mile Marker 30.5 Bayside
Big Pine Key, FL


Jack C. Watson Trail

The Jack C. Watson Trail is located on the National Key Deer Refuge, just a short drive from the Blue Hole. Visitors have an opportunity to see birds, reptiles, and assorted wildlife. The short .7 mile hike is well worth your time. The trail meanders through a slash pine forest, assorted palms and a hardwood hammock. Jack C. Watson was a true environmentalist and advocate of the Key Deer. One of our favorite Big Pine attractions.

For more details, visit the Jack C. Watson Trail.

Key Deer Boulevard
Mile Marker 30.5 Bayside
Big Pine Key, FL


National Key Deer Refuge

The National Key Deer Refuge on Big Pine Key was established to protect and preserve Key deer and other wildlife resources in the Florida Keys. The refuge currently consists of approximately 9,200 acres of land that includes pine rockland forests, tropical hardwood hammocks, freshwater wetlands, salt marsh wetlands, and mangrove forests. It’s home to 17 federally-listed species such as Key deer, lower Keys marsh rabbit, and the silver rice rat. This is one of the main Big Pine attractions.

For more details, visit the National Key Deer Refuge.

Key Deer Boulevard
Mile Marker 30.5 Bayside
Big Pine Key, FL


Bat Tower

The Bat Tower is a bit “off the grid” as far as normal attractions are concerned. It was built by Richter C. Perky in 1929. Mr. Perky hoped to control the mosquitos on the key by providing free room and board to his colony of bats. Well, in short, the plan failed and the bats fled. But to this day, the tower still stands in all it’s glory and it’s listed with the National Register of Historic Places. This is definitely one of the strangest of the Big Pine attractions.

For more details, visit the Bat Tower.

MM 17 Bayside
Sugarloaf Key, FL
(find the airport…
find the tower!)


Bahia Honda State Park

Bahia Honda State Park is a must visit attraction. It provides all the amenities you need. It is home to Sandspur Beach, possibly the most beautiful beach in the Florida Keys. The park offers over 500 acres of fun, including beaches, camping, snorkeling, diving, biking, hiking, birding, cabins, boat tours, picnic pavillions, boat ramp, swimming, wildlife viewing, concessions, history and more. Some top travel magazines name Bahia Honda State Park as one of the World’s Best!

For more details, visit Bahia Honda State Park.

MM 37


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